MediTape Reports

HIPAA Patient Privacy Sign-in Systems
HIPAA regulations require that patient privacy be protected, EVEN in public waiting rooms.  And now compliance just got easier with our choice of sign-in systems.  Choose a style below.

                   Confidential Sign-In Books         Custom Patient Sign-in Log    
                    Stock Patient Sign-in Log              MediTape Sign-in Log
MediTape Reports Sign-in Log
This MediTape Report is designed especially for patient sign-in, but can easily be customized to suit your specific office needs.  The patient signs in on the labels shown below and staff removes it to affix in the chart.  The unique design prevents future patients from viewing the duplicate log showing names of those that signed in before them.  For best results, use the MediTape Clipboard.  
1. Keeps patient visits private
Each patient completes the form's top line -  a self-adhesive strip that includes a removable number to give to patients if you wish to call them by number instead of name.

2. Updates chart
Before the next patient signs in, the receptionist removes the strip and places it either on a call sheet or into the chart.  The completed label alerts you to changes in patient information.

3. Protects confidentiality
The label liner keeps the duplicate log hidden from patients that follow.  Once the form is completed, detach the edges (which discourage peeking) to discard the liner and release the log.

4. Verifies billing and keeps an audit trail
The Patient Sign-In log automatically creates a duplicate record sheet of every appointment, which you can file away or store in a binder.  This log also helps you analyze wait times and better manage patient volume and flow.

Patient Sign-In Log Sign-in System

This two-part "label/form" keeps patient information confidential and creates an automatic duplicate log of all patients sign-in activity.  Available customized with your imprint or stock off the shelf. 

CUSTOM Patient Sign-in Log
Product:  SIL2 
Price*: $110 per box with duplicate copy, $100 per box without duplicate copy
Quantity:  2,000 labels per box
*$20 design fee on 1st time orders for Custom Designs
Click here for examples of Custom Designs

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STOCK Patient Sign-in Log
Product:  SIL1
Price:  $80 per box with a duplicate copy, $70 per box without a duplicate copy
Quantity:  2,000 labels per box

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Product:  569 Patient Sign-In
Price:   $214 per box with a duplicate copy, $164 per box without a duplicate copy
Quantity:  1,300 labels per box

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MediTape patient Sign-In
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MediTape Patient Sign-In log with clipboard
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Confidential Sign-In Books
Two-part carbonless forms perform two jobs in one step...
  • The white first part contains a "blockout" pattern on all last names to protect the confidentiality of those signing in.  
  • The yellow second part provides an automatic duplicate record that lets only you see the names that are "blocked out" on the white first part.  
  • The right side of the set is glued together as an additional confidentiality measure, protecting against peeking inside.

Book size: 8.5" x 11"
# sign-in entries/book: 500
Price/book: $37 per book for custom OR $27 per book for non-imprinted

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MediTape Reports
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